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Beechwood    Fairhaven    Frame    Hopewell    Sugar Grove

At the present time, only five cemeteries in Preble Co. are represented in this collection. If you have questions about the graves pictured, please contact the submitter for more information. They may only have photographed the stone or have considerably more information to share. If you have Preble Co. grave photos you wish to submit, contact the site coordinator Wally Garchow.

Each cemetery has its own page. Smaller photos are arranged in rows with the surname in caps ABOVE the photo. The given names are given BELOW the photo. Click on the photo to see an enlarged version. The photos are arranged in loose alphabetical order to faciliate locating individuals.

For a complete list of all the cemeteries in Preble Co. and their locations see Tom Midlam's list at Preble County Cemeteries.

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